Daja Harris' Adult Modeling Class participated in their newest model challenge: "DROWNED."

Inspired by high-fashion editorials and perfume advertisements, the students wore light, flowing clothing and Chicago Performing Arts' resident makeup artist donned them with glowing skin and radiant highlights.

Whether it's for activewear, beachwear or everyday fashion, shinning, shimmering skin is a trend that continues to rise in popularity.

Long gone are the days where we're desperately trying to matte-down skin to avoid looking greasy, now makeup artists are regularly being asked to produce the dewy-skin look. This sheen helps to sculpt and shape the body through highlight and tone that's simply not possible with dry, flat skin.

Paired with dripping hair, the peeks of highlight add dimension to a dark composure and have made this challenge one of the most memorable photoshoots in Chicago Performing Arts history.

Students of Daja Harris's modeling class participated in their first model challenge.

Each of the students were tasked with finding an aesthetic photo that they would want to recreate for their next class; that's when the creative ideas sparked. Ideas ranged greatly, some just put a spin on their own style and others transformed into completely new characters.

Color played a massive influence on this challenge and allowed these students to play on their recreations to take them to new lengths, embodying who they wanted to become in this particular photoshoot. This is the first model challenge to take place at the Chicago Performing Arts Academy, but it most definitely won't be the last!

We're so excited to implement Model Challenges into our course curriculum to allow students to express their creativity and add their own personal tastes into building their portfolios!